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Your Virtual Doula

Doula Services for the Digital Age.

Jessica Glendinning


What is a Virtual Doula?

A Virtual Doula provides you knowledge and emotional support during your pregnancy, throughout labor and delivery, and postpartum through phone, text, and email.  Your Virtual Doula is invaluable for families on tighter budgets, those living in rural areas who find it difficult to get an in-person doula, and families who do not want someone present at delivery but need informational and emotional support during pregnancy.

About Me


My name is Jessica Glendinning and I am the creator of Your Virtual Doula.  I am a CAPPA trained Doula and have worked in Labor and Delivery at a hospital in South Carolina for several years.  I put aside my Marketing and Human Resource Management degrees from USC to become a Doula after the birth of my son in 2013.  I found the subject matter of pregnancy and birth fascinating and loved the Doula I had in my own birth.  I knew this was my calling and immediately jumped into the role.  I had to quit my hospital position during my twin pregnancy in 2018 and my continued desire to help women and families led to the creation of Your Virtual Doula.  I love spending time with my family and cannot wait to meet yours!


Custom Packages Available
Heading 6



  • 32 weeks pregnant-2 weeks postpartum

  • 24/7 access to Doula via phone, text, and email

  • Develop a birth plan outline

  • Constant contact during labor and delivery

  • Postpartum preparation and support

  • Breastfeeding education and assistance



  • Two virtual meetings to prepare for labor and delivery and discuss mom-to-be's needs

  • Develop a birth plan outline

  • Basic postpartum and newborn care information for mother



  • 4 week period after delivery

  • 24/7  access to Doula via phone, text, and email

  • Information on basic newborn care and breastfeeding support

  • Two virtual meetings to discuss mom's emotional and physical recovery and answer any questions or concerns

Virtual Services


  • Introduction and education on virtual services and how to implement them into your existing business

  • Templates for necessary virtual contracts with clients

  • Information on obtaining online payments and e-signatures

  • How to market your virtual services 


“After my c-section Jess made sure I was healing normally from surgery, that Mason was latching properly and he was having normal dirty diapers, asking how I was adjusting after coming home and offering advice for any questions or concerns I had.  It's nice to have someone that can tell you whether something is normal or not, but she also validated the many, MANY mood swings and emotions that a postpartum woman can go through getting used to a new baby.  Sometimes you just want to hear that someone else has been through the struggles you're facing at home, like an older sibling acting out or trying to keep the house (and yourself) clean, or breastfeeding struggles.”

Rheanna B.
Ellijay, Georgia
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